An exceptional vintage

Wine experts in Uruguay agree that it has been one of the best vintages in the history of Uruguayan viticulture. Some even think that it was the best. The memory of 2020 will be written, in addition, by another reality, the COVID-19 pandemic that keeps the world in a state of alert and uncertainty. Despite this, the conditions in which the 2020 vintage took place indicate that in the coming times it will be possible to enjoy the excellent quality of the Uruguayan wines from this vintage.

Despite the important changes in Uruguayan viticulture in recent years, where there have been enormous investments in new technology, in the winery and in the vineyard, in training, and more, the climate continues to be the determinant of the quality and quantity of the grapes. This report includes the main climatic characteristics of the 2020 vintage, from the beginning of the burburst, in September 2019, to the end of the harvest of the majority of winegrowers at the end of March 2020. Also, you will find in this report, an analysis of the impact of these climatic characteristics on the yields and quality of the grapes in this leap year compared to other years in Uruguay.

This report inaugurates my annual study of grape harvests in Uruguay that aims to provide tools to better understand the wines of each vintage, with information and figures that allow us to know the characteristics of that particular period. My book on Uruguayan wines, which will be published when a new cycle of the vine in Uruguay begins in 2020, will feature a summary of the main observations of the previous vintages.

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