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Hello everybody! ¡Hola a todos!

I help wine producers create awareness about Uruguayan viticulture, its history and its wines for them to generate reliable commercial contacts with buyers that know and appreciate the quality of Uruguayan wine.


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This is the first report I released.

I am already working on the next reports that will be on different topics of Uruguayan viticulture.

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“She’s organised, helpful, bright, knowledgeable and great fun to be around.”

“Gabi is a pleasure to share a press trip with. She’s organised, helpful, bright, knowledgeable and great fun to be around. What’s more, she’s very good at helping with follow up questions and more detailed information. I couldn’t have done my Uruguay Report without her.”

Tim Atkin, Tim Atkin MW

“Gabriela’s work is really important for the promotion of Uruguayan wines.”

“Gabriela’s work is very important for the promotion of Uruguayan wines. Personally, I have been contacted by an Asian broker following the publications that were made thanks to the press trips. It is worthwhile for those who make decisions on the use of funds to take into account the importance for Uruguay of activities such as visits by journalists and opinion makers. Hopefully Gabriela will continue to organize press trips and outreach activities outside of Uruguay.”

Santiago Deicas, Familia Deicas


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Writing a book about Uruguayan wines (part I)

By |June 15th, 2020|Categories: Book, Libro, News, Noticias, Uruguay|Tags: , , , |

Ever since I started my career in the world of wine, I have dreamed of writing a book about Uruguayan wines. I imagined a reference book on the viticulture of my country that would be useful for learning and creating awareness around the world about Uruguayan wines. I started little by little and with total ignorance on the subject. I wrote everything I learned, the wines I tasted and the stories that Uruguayan producers told me. I wrote in notebooks, word processors and note files. Everything was scattered around

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